6 +1 reasons to choose Natural Skincare Products!

 Cosmetology has been always playing a major role for women. Lately, though, the interest for natural skin care products is growing more and more.

But why? Is this a new kind of trend?

 Well… actually, it is not. The natural properties of plants and herbs are known to humanity for thousands of years. Using natural skincare products and substances, either for treatments or in cosmetology, has always been a part of women’s beauty routine for hundreds of years. I can still recall my grandmother, producing homemade hand-nourishing cream, from natural bee wax and olive oil, or my mother treating my wounds as a kid, with her own remedy based on the extracts of the plant Hypericum perforatum. The substances, oils, and extracts contained in the natural skin and beauty care products are obtained from medical and aromatic plants. The term medical plants, refers to those plants that contain active substances that have pharmacological actions.

Aromatic plants are the plants that contain volatile compounds, known as essential oils and have aromatic properties. All aromatic plants are also pharmaceutical, but all pharmaceutical are not always aromatic plants. Some examples of aromatic or medical plants are aloe vera, chamomile, mint, echinacea, lavender, thyme, eucalyptus, yarrow and many more.

Not sure whether to choose natural products for your skincare instead of chemical ones? Hereby are seven reasons why to go natural!

1. Everything your body needs. All natural cosmetic are known for containing hydration, moisturizing and anti-aging properties or even healing benefactors.

2. Filled with beneficial properties and nutrients Conventional products are known to contain chemical ingredients such as synthetic colors and perfumes, silicones and numerous other substances produced by petrol. On the other hand, natural products, instead of dangerous chemicals, contain natural substances, such as vitamins, plant extracts, flavonoids and other essential oils. Ingredients that can be found in different parts of the plants, like stems, dried flowers, leaves and roots.

3. Safer for the body Our skin is the largest live organ of our body. It is as essential as the rest and needs careful and responsible care. Most conventional skincare and beauty products contain chemicals that are easily absorbed by the skin and can be harmful for some individual skins. Moreover, a quantity of them enters the rest of the body and can potentially result in irritations, allergies or other skin problems. In contrast, natural products contain natural substances that are equally effective to skincare and beauty treatments. Allowing the skin to breathe and are free of irritants, avoiding potential allergic reactions or itchiness.

4. Safer for the environment The mass production of industrialized skincare products may put a great pressure on the environment and its sustainability, as the creation of these products and their ingredients emit high levels of pollution into the water and air. On the other hand, skincare products made by natural substances are earth-friendly with no potential harm to the surrounding ecosystem.

5. Cheaper than regular products There is a misconception that natural skincare products are more expensive than the industrialized. This is not accurate. Their prices usually depend on the rarity of their raw materials and their packaging. Additionally, most herbal cosmetics are not burdened with advertising costs. Thus, the prices found in herbal cosmetics are much more economical than those of the classic cosmetics.

6. Are more effective than the conventional cosmetics The continuous development of the science of cosmetology combined with the power of nature, have shown excellent results. The new generations of natural cosmetics are aiming at long-term effectiveness and skin health. The active ingredients of natural cosmetics have higher percentages of absorption that those of the chemical ones. Thus in long term, the results are more permanent.

7. Are more ethical The manufacture of natural skin care products has approached a more ethical production aspect since the manufacturers forego animal testing. The power of nature is infinite. Its natural products and the substances it provides us with can be considered equal to, perhaps even better than, chemicals. It is up to us to embrace it!

I hope you enjoy it,

By CozyVibes team
Sofia Ligkanari



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