The Best Natural Skincare Products are coming from Crete!!!

Natural substances are known for their beneficial and healing properties, for centuries. And beauty products made of them can be equally efficient as conventional ones.
Thus, we would like to introduce you to Bodyfarm. One of the best representatives and pioneers in production of Greek beauty products.
Bodyfarm is specialized in producing beauty care products, which consist of 100% natural ingredients, combining passion and innovation, with a budget friendly aspect.
The natural treasures of the Cretan land, was the determining factor for the foundation of Bodyfarm in 1989. A family running business, whose main goal is to self-produce high quality cosmetic and beauty care products for integrated body and face care. The roots of the company date back to 1950, when the grandfather of the family established a traditional soap factory, utilizing local olive products.
 The rich flora of Greece, with more than 5500 species of aromatic and medicinal plants, provides Bodyfarm with an inexhaustible source of inspiration and a rich treasury of natural raw materials, which result in the creation and production of luxury beauty and skin care products, with high quality ingredients.
All the products are produced in certified laboratories, following environmentally friendly methods, using recycled materials and conserving resources. The products are not tested on animals.

 Flavonoids Bodyfarm bases its beauty formulas on natural beneficial substances, which derive from the enriched Greek nature, such as essential oils, plant oils and extracts. All these herbal supplements, contain all the nutrients (vitamins, flavonoids, trace elements etc.), necessary for a hand-to-toe face and body care, providing our skin with rejuvenation, hydration, relaxation, anti-aging properties and toning of the body. 

 In Bodyfarm you can find a variety of luxury product series, for your complete hair, face and body beauty care routine.

By CozyVibes team
Sofia Ligkanari


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