Face Mack Rose
Face Mack Rose

Face Mack Rose

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Active ingredients: Rose Extract, rich in vitamins B, K and C, E with intensive action against wrinkles and fine lines of time. Thyme Extract, with tonic, anti-ageing and antioxidant properties. Argil, for cleansing. Rosemary Extract*, against oiliness. Centella Asiatica, with anti-wrinkle, healing and antioxidant action. Ginko Biloba, against wrinkles. Panthenol, with softening, emollient and hydrating properties. Olive oil* with nourishing, emollient and antioxidant properties.

Soothing face mask for all skin types with a unique composition rich in nourishing ingredients and Argil, with intensive hydrating, anti-wrinkle and oiliness preventive properties. The skin’s cells are revitalized while the collagen and elastine levels are enhanced. The result of the mask’s usage is a hydrating, radiant and fresh skin.

*Organically cultivated


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